Tuesday, December 12

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The new BUZZ phrase in the last few years is Social Media Consultant, and understanding Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Since, most consumers now look online before they make a buying decision, small Business owners must now think outside the box to be able to compete in this changing world.

Even if you KNOW you must get with the program, it is difficult to put everything into perspective and take the time out from you busy schedule to learn the ins and outs.

So, YES you do need to hire a Social Media Consultant – it will save your time, energy and lots of money.

Businesses of all types have become aware that the Internet and mobile phones have revolutionized marketing – making it easier, more effective and more affordable.

To begin with, 92% of all business searchers now start looking for products and services online, according to Yahoo! But only 25% of small businesses have invested any time or money in online marketing.

Simply put, nearly all customers have shifted to these new platforms but most businesses have not. If you are one of the businesses who has not yet started online marketing or mobile marketing, NOW IS THE TIME.

There is no doubt that businesses with online marketing strategies are winning. Here’s the basic blueprint:

A. People need to hear about a business or product or see its name somewhere before they purchase. Online, this is accomplished when a business appears in the search engines, directories and social networks.

B. Businesses are wise to think beyond their Web sites and reach out to customers where they spend time online, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, other social networks, or through blogs.

C. Follow Up and Engage with your Customer sounds simple, put this is where most businesses fail. Most businesses miss opportunities to increase their income because they don’t follow up with their customers. They need automated systems.


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