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Small Business Marketing/social Marketing/lead Generation

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Who Is Local Market Dominance?

As we like to say, “We Create and Distribute the Content That Google™ Loves!” We are not a web design company, although we’ve designed a number of websites. We’re not a search engine optimization company, although many of our customers sites rank very highly in the search engines. We’re not bloggers, video marketers, article marketers, social media gurus or even email marketers, even though we accomplish every one of those things. What we are, first, last and always, is CONTENT CREATORS. The reason that Local Market Dominance has been thriving is because we recognize the one most important thing that any small business proprietor has to do to make his or her local marketing efforts prosper is to give the search engines what they want…Quality, fresh, updated, germane CONTENT.

What Are Some Of The Local Marketing Issues That Local Market Dominance Addresses?

1. Small business owners typically don’t know what to do to be profitable in local search marketing.
2. Many small business owners don’t know how to do the things they may have heard they need to do.
3. The biggest roadblock that most small business marketers have is they have a very restricted amount of time to figure out #1 and #2.

Local Market Dominance was formed to fill these needs.

What Kind Of Content Does Local Market Dominance Create?

Video Marketing

If your small business is not using the power inherent in web video commercials, you are missing the boat when it comes to local search marketing. The search engines utterly love videos. By the way, it’s not the quality of the production, but the quality of the content that counts. According to a number of sources, YouTube is now the #2 ranked search engine.

Blog Marketing

Blogging is not solely a way to share your opinion on the meaning of life. Blogging has turned into a full-time source of profits for many people. In a lot of ways, blogging is sort of the microcosm of what the search engines are after. The secret with blogging is regularity…Including how often the blog is updated and how relevant the content is to the overall theme of the blog.

Article Marketing

Although there are some similarities to blogging with regards to content, article marketing sends a message more about a level of expertise. From a local marketing standpoint, one of the best perceptions a small business owner can engender is the perception of being an expert in his line of work. Article marketing affords an tremendous opportunity to demonstrate your comprehension of your industry.

Social Media Marketing

Everybody has heard of Twitter and Facebook, the two most recognizable names in social media. The power of these, and so many others that have sprung up as a result of their success, with regards to local marketing are just beginning to be tapped.

Local Market Dominance is involved in many other facets of content creation and distribution. Check our Content Creation page for additional information. Furthermore, if you’d like to understand more about what you can accomplish to make your local search marketing efforts more lucrative, you may want to take a look at our free video series, which will give you no-nonsense ideas on things you can do to enhance your local web presence. In conclusion, as local small business owners ourselves, we’d love to sit down and talk to your about your local marketing goals and how Local Market Dominance can help. Click here for a free chat!


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