Thursday, December 14

Kimbo Slice Death Hoax

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It seems like death hoaxes are running around America this month.  Another hoax is the death of actor and mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice. Kimbo Slice is a Bahamian born fighter who gained popularity from backyard fights being posted on the Internet.

Kimbo Slice posted on his Internet homepage that he is alive and well and has proven the rumor false.  He believes that the mix-up was caused because of the popularity of his birth name, Kevin Ferguson.  Ferguson plans to make his debut in boxing soon and plans to be in the movies “Scorpion King 3″  

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 Just like the other rumors that we have recieved lately this one is also not true.  Kimbo Slice is alive and well. Kimbo Slice took to the homepage of his social networking site to confirm that the rumor has no authentication as he is alive. The mixed martial ace stated that he is fine and then thanked all his fans for their concern. Kimbo Slice maintained that his actual name is Kevin Ferguson and one of his namesake must have passed away resulting in the confusion. He wrote that there are lot of Kevin Ferguson in the Miami area and the rumormongers have used his name to spread this false news. Kimbo Slice previously told in one of his interviews that he is planning to make his boxing debut sometime next year.

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