Saturday, December 16

Ramifications of The Lack of DC Statehood

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I have always wondered about those license plates from the District of Columbia: “Taxation without Representation.”  Since it seems clear that D.C. will not likely gain representation by becoming the 51st state anytime soon, these license plates must be promoting the alternative viewpoint: the removal of federal taxes. 

So what happens if Washington, D.C., is finally notified that because they are not represented properly in the United States Congress, citizens who live there will no longer be taxed?  Without federal income tax, do people flock there for work?  If so, does this lead to enriched production?  Perhaps the opposite of brain drain, where instead of everyone jumping ship, anyone with some creative smarts rabidly seeks to move in and become a part of the D.C. society.  This leads to more businesses moving there, as well as new businesses being created there, and soon Washington, D.C., is busting at the seems with culture, population, and productivity. Old warehouses and derelict neighborhoods are once again thriving, a city’s rebirth in glorious grandeur.

This expansion leads to annexation and incorporation of nearby Virginia and Maryland, border wars between the district and the states, with no need for secession articles to ever be written.  Eventually the entire Eastern Seaboard is taken over, a moving train that cannot be stopped. 


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