Friday, December 15

Tivozanib Can be Defined as an Exceptional Discovery in The Sphere of Pharmaceutical Development

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Vascular endothelial growth factor is the full form of the receptor called VEGFR in the kinase family. This can be defined as the most important protein in the blood vessel. This is the most important factor for the growth of blood vessel. It is also essential to mention that they are the most important factors for the cancer cell and tumors. The formation of such cancer cells requires angiogenesis. This is nothing else but the process of the formation of growing blood vessels. Angiogenesis is nothing so complicated process rather it is just the method of delivery of the oxygen and nutrients required to grow and thrive.

VEGFR is often produced and released by cancer cells. Actually the simple protein molecules of VEGF attach with the receptor and became the VEGFR just to on the surface of the endothelial cells. After that such cells give proper signal to the major controlling zone so that the process of instant growth and formation may be started. Here the formation means the formation of the blood vessels. At this level of the whole process Tivozanib has a greater role to play. They inhibit such receptors with the picomolar concentrations. This is just a simple oral pill consists of some small molecules attaching with the receptor itself.

Tivozanib is the sole pill to turn on the whole process and just to make new blood vessels. The basic fundamentals of this pill are nothing but it cut off the blood supply to the tumors so that no other new formations can be prevented very easily. They prevent the new tumors to grow and this pill also makes the large tumors to shrink very quickly. This is the only one remedy that can really give a huge change for the whole procedure. The patients can really get benefitted at a huge amount.
The research and developmental process in the pharmaceutical industry has made and brought out a huge number of VEGF targeted agents. Even the process is also on the process as the demand is very high. Specifically the process is going on so intensely as there is no such suitable remedy available. Each and every physician agrees with the fact that the demand of more suitable and effective drug is on a hike. It is very essential to discover to and more remedies. A better drug targeting the VEGF pathway is required to be discovered just to have more potent, specific and well-tolerated anti cancer drugs.

Tivozanib actually provides the ultimate potential to have more and more durable tumor responses. This pill can offer more responsive one with a better and more tolerated toxicity profile. It has been tested with 40 patients having advanced solid tumors. The study is on growth and it has been recognized as the highly differentiated VEGF-targeted kinase inhibitor. This is just because of the fact that it has excellent tolerability profile and low incidence of off-target toxicities basically associated with other well established and investigational targeted therapies. It is medically proved that the patients do not need to compromise between a high degree of efficacy and tolerability.

The recent research is on the process having Tivozanib in combination with other agents in multiple solid tumor settings. Specifically in the process of chemotherapy regimen in patients with advanced colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers and even for the patients with metastatic breast cancer. Such a medicine is undoubtedly very helpful to avoid various side effects completely associated with off target activity. This quality of less side effective VEGF inhibitor enables this drug to combine with other potential breadth of its clinical utility.



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