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Skin Rash: When to be Concerned?

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But, in certain instances, some rashes not only will appear extensive but, will also accompany other symptoms and could appear worrisome. Knowing when to see a doctor might be a life saving event when you consider such extreme incidents which has lead to fatal outcomes that began with a simple rash.

What causes a rash?

A rash may appear due to different reasons and its extent and the severity will depend on the underlying cause as well as due to patients own factors. When considering the causes; allergies, infections, toxins, environmental insults, radiation, immune reactions, insect bites…etc could be considered the major players.

When considering the above causes, some can be considered external insults whereas the others arise within the body.

What are the symptoms that could accompany a rash?

In many occasions, a rash can be accompanied with an itch and sometimes it may show signs of swelling as well. In certain instances, there may be an oozing at the site of a rash and in other instances, there can be pus, ulcerations as well as local tenderness. Sometimes, a rash can be accompanied by systemic signs and symptoms as well. Fever, breathlessness, joint pain, body aches…etc can be seen in such a patient.

When should you be concerned about a rash?

-When the rash is accompanied by systemic symptoms, it can be considered significant and medical advice should be sorted in order to find an underlying cause as well as to treat in order to prevent further progression and complications.

-If the rash is extensive and seems to be progressing gradually, you should seek medical advice even without the presence of any systemic symptoms.

-When the rash becomes infected or else shows signs of oozing and pus, this may be the right time to start an antibiotic treatment and this should ideally be done by a medical professional rather than self treatment.

-If a rash is persisting and gives discomfort, it should be brought to the attention of a medical professional and should be treated accordingly.

-If a rash occurs soon after the intake of a food, drug or any other substance and is progressing, immediate medical advice should be sorted to prevent it from developing into a severe anaphylaxis reaction.

Finally, in the event of a rash, unless you have experienced it before and is aware about its progression, a rash should not be taken lightly and if not settles within a matter of hours and if it is accompanied by other symptoms, you should be concerned about it and act sensibly.


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