Monday, December 18

Stress Around The Festive Season

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Leadership Motivation – Energized and Thriving During the Festive Season

Some of you may think “Wow, how and I going to fit that in? I’m busy enough.”

Well, this is about taking a bit of a stock-take, taking a step back for a moment, and thinking, “Wow, that feels good!”

It’s about taking a few moments, hitting the pause button, and reflecting on what this is all about. What is the purpose of this?

I think when we stop for a moment, and we consider that this is a time for joy, this is a time for sharing, this is a time to … enjoy.

There are a number of things I do to help me stay on the path to a very happy Christmas.

One of them is that I just sit. I sit particularly in nature. I live in a beautiful environment. Perhaps you do; perhaps you don’t. But, you need to find a space that you really enjoy, and just sit there for that moment, and breath. Breath deeply, perhaps in through your nose and out through your mouth. And just close your eyes and focus on a very happy day with all of these people coming together.

Visualize how you would like it to unfold.

You could sit there during that time and just take notice of your body. Do a scan through your body and just feel where there is any tightness. You can tense up that area for a moment, and then release it. Tense it up again, and then release it.

Just feel as you are doing it. Breath out that tension, out through your body, down into the ground, or out through your finger tips.

Another great way to remain energized is to connect with water. Having a bath, or putting my feet in a tub of water, or perhaps using a foot spa, or having a shower.

Just imaging cleansing your body and your mind, and any tension or stress, just washing down over your body and out through the drain.

Exercise, another wonderful way, when I’m feeling a little bit, “tense” or “caught up”, and I just need to get out there and release a little bit of excess energy. Whether it’s going for a walk, or maybe it’s doing some aerobics or going for a bike ride. It may only be 5 or 10 minutes, but that may be just all that you need to release that tension and energize your body.

At the end of the day, there’s an end. And I know there are a lot of people that perhaps, when they are coming to that Christmas end, they’re staying up a little bit later, they are catching up with people, there’s lots of parties and festivities. It would be good to schedule some earlier nights, and again, give yourself an opportunity to rebalance and re-energize the body with a really good nights sleep.

So, whatever it is for you, again, it’s a time to set back and look at things simply. I don’t have to go out and actually buy anything or do anything. I may need to just sit for a moment and reflect what this day is about. Visualise how I’d like this day to be.

Then you can make certain that you get some necessary rest so that when this great day arrives, you are energized and ready for it.


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