Wednesday, December 13

Seven Health Benefits Of Daily Or Regular Walking

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If you spend some time walking everyday, here’s some good news for you. People who walk regularly are known to suffer lesser from ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and several other diseases. Don’t walk as much as you’d like to? Make an extra effort to include it in your daily regimen and you’ll notice the difference it makes to your life almost immediately. Not only is walking cheap (all you have to invest in are a pair of comfortable sneakers ‘and track pants), there are several bene­fits to it as well….

  1. Walking is greatly recommended for people in their 50’s and 60’s because it decreases the risk of heart related diseases and strokes.

  2. Regular walking not only reduces cho­lesterol and lowers blood pressure, but also increases bone density and helps prevent osteoporosis especially in women.

  3. People who walk and exercise on a daily basis are known to suffer lesser from depression and anxiety as it improves elf esteem and is an instant mood enhancer.

  4. Aren’t sleeping that well lately? Walk a few minutes everyday and notice that you sleep better.

  5. Want to lose weight? Walk. Experts say that nothing helps you lose weight in a more effective way than walking daily. Start with a few minutes and grad­ually build up your stamina.

  6. Walking reduces the risk of colon can­cer as well as cardiovascular diseases.

  7. It is better than running since you go a little easier on your joints, you don’t wear down your joints or muscles.


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