Wednesday, December 13

A Golden Christmas Film Review

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Jessica and her son are making the trip to her childhood home for Christmas, she is meeting her family there and has good news for them. Her parents have been trying to sell their house for the last couple of months but have had no luck, Jessica is going to buy the house for her and her son. She plans to break the news to them on Christmas eve so they can go and live their dream. Unfortunately for Jessica her parent tell her that they have already sold the house to a guy called Michael.

Jessica s not happy about her family home being sold to a stranger and sets about trying to stop the sale. She finds out that Michael has to sell his own house before he can complete on this one so she starts to sabotage the viewings.

Can Jessica stop Michael from buying the house and can she by t instead for her and her son?

I have given a brief plot summery for this film and there is slightly more to the story but not much and it certainly is not taxing on the brain to watch. I did enjoy the film to a certain extent but found that it was very predictable and both me and hubby had worked out the ending from after only the firth 15 minutes. There is a warm and feel good factor to the film but it really is lacking in drama and entertainment values. I did enjoy the other element to the story which took us back to when Jessica was 9 as this gave the story a little depth but again this was also very predictable as to the outcome.

The acting was average, the role of Jessica was played by Andrea Roth and she did a good job with what she was given. She started out as quite a hard character but she did soften and I much preferred her when she was more open about her feelings. She had a good on screen chemistry with Henry, her son and their relationship was nice to watch. She was easy to get to know and I found that the emotions she showed as to her past and loosing her husband seemed genuine and she portrayed it well. The role of Michael was played by Nicholas Brendon and he was also good in his role. He was a single father and had a good chemistry with his daughter. He was more of a straight forward character than Jessica and what we saw was all he was. There was a good chemistry between Jessica and Michael and I found they were good at showing their love hate relationship.

We had some good support character which included actors, Elisa Donovan, Bruce Davidson, Alley Mills and Jason London, they each bought something different to the film and tried to give t a little depth. The real star of the film for me was the dog. She was lovely and was able to show some good expressions despite not saying a word. She barked on command and was well trained. She was a good addition to the film even if at the end it made the story even more cheesy than it was without her.

The film is set in a small town in America at Christmas time. The way the town was shown was lovely and it was nice to see a slower placed way of life. The Sets were all well made and looked authentic and good. The costumes did not require much effort at all as they were just normal clothes as this film was set in the present year. There were no special effects in the film and none were needed. There is no action or explosions and this really is a basic feel good film which is packed full of cheese. The music was in keeping with the film and not very memorable at al. I do remember thinking at the time of watching that it helped with the emotions of the story but it is defiantly not a soundtrack which should be bought alone.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to be talked about. The DVD can be bought from Amazon for around £5 but this is being shown on the Sky Movies channel at the moments so I would advise trying to catch it there for free. The running time of the film is 95 minutes and the rate is a U.

I am only able to give this film 3 stars as despite having an easy to watch and warming story it was very predictable and full of cheesy moments. The acting was good but nothing special and I would say this is better to watch around Christmas time as it has a good festive feel. I would not advise paying for the DVD so try to catch it on the TV for free.


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