Sunday, December 17

The Light That The Star of Bethlehem Brings

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When the hearts are sad and minds are numb

And happiness folds its wings;

The world around looks gray and grim

We need the hope that Jesus brings!

When people fight and hatred reigns

In nations and their kings;

When none can help them all through life

They need the peace that Jesus brings!

When I am hurt by cruel hands

And a cruel words that stings;

When none can soothe me and calm my mind

I need the light that Jesus brings!

If hearts are full of greed and lust

And hate and such-like things;

When we look for some comfort

We need the peace that Jesus brings!

When the cares and anxieties of life

Strangle me and stop my breath

I look for a little air from the hillside wind

Mixed with that ‘Gloria’ that Jesus brings!

God gives me life, health and friendship

A mind that s and a voice that sings,

But the gift I value most of all

Is the gracious light that Jesus brings!

But where to find this Prince of Light?

To probe the evil in deep that clings

I seek him there in that hillside crib

To fill me with the light that Jesus brings!


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