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Yahoo Messenger

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Unique features of Yahoo Messenger mobile that set it apart from other messenger are:

1. Yahoo Messenger mobile allows you to find and invite friends from other services to chat with you on Yahoo.

2. The in-built media player in the messenger allows you to watch and share high quality videos and pictures online.

3. You can make PC to PC calls free of charge and PC to Phone calls for as little as 1¢ per minute.

4. Using the Messenger, you can send SMSs to your friend’s mobile phones completely free of cost.

5. You can convey your feelings using IMVironments, emoticons, audibles and Avatars. No other messenger offers such a wide range of features to express your moods and expressions.

Yahoo Messenger mobile now comes with new added features that let you do more than just chat with your friends. Let’s have a look at some of the new features of Yahoo Messenger mobile:

6. High Quality Video Calling: The video calling feature offers such high quality video and voice capabilities that you get the feeling of being present in the same room with the other person.

7. Updates from other websites: The latest “Updates” feature allows you to find out what your friends are up to on social websites such as Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! and others.

8. Better Language Support: You can now change your preferred language in the settings of Yahoo Messenger mobile and start instant messaging in your local language.

Different versions of Yahoo messenger mobile for Mac, Windows, Web, Mobile and iPhone are available for convenience of users.


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