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Top Ten Baby Girls Names And Their Meanings

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Here are the top baby girls’ names in England and Wales – along with their meanings – as released by the Office for National Statistics in Autumn 2010 (for the year 2009). Olivia maintained its position at the top (Oliver – the male equivalent was also top for the boys) for the second year in a row. In the USA, Olivia ranked third behind Isabella and Emma which were the top two most popular names on the other side of the pond.

1) Olivia: Feminine version of the name Oliver, from Latin for olive tree (oliva). Olivia was coined by Shakespeare in his great work Twelfth Night.

2) Ruby: The name Ruby is taken from the precious stone. It is an English name though the gemstone Ruby derives its name from the Latin word for red (which is ‘ruber’).

3) Chloe: Of Greek origin, Chloe means ‘green shoot’ or ‘blooming’.

4) Emily: Feminine version of the boy’s name Emil. It is of Latin origin from ‘aemulus’ meaning ‘rival’.

5) Sophie: From the Greek name Sophia, meaning ‘wisdom’.

6) Jessica: Meaning ‘God sees’. It is of Hebrew origin.

7) Grace: Of Latin origin, Grace means ‘blessing’ or ‘favour’.

8) Lily: This is the name of a flower, now commonly used as a girl’s name. It is from the Latin ‘lilium’.

9) Amelia: Of Old German origin. Amelia translates as ‘work’ or ‘industrious’.

10) Evie: English name meaning ‘life giving’ or ‘breath of life’.

My personal favourite from the above list is Grace. What’s yours?


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