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Marriages, Ancient And Modern

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Marriages, ancient and modern

Is it necessary to know everything about your spouse before marriage? I am aware, marriage counsellors recommend it and a number of parents too are in favour of this approach. It has been named ‘courting period’. The interlude between the Engagement and Marriage ceremony is the courting period.

Let’s go back in history. According to the Holy Bible, Adam was the first human being ‘created’ on the Earth. God did not want him to live all alone; He felt that Adam needed a companion cum helper. So, God produced Eve out of one of his Adam’s bones and displayed her before him. In all probability, Adam might have asked, “Hey, who are you? Where did you come from?” Eve might have answered., “I am your wife; a companion and helper. I will always be with you…” Though Adam might not have articulated it, I am sure, he would have wanted to know, “What is a wife?” He must have decided to ask God about it when He visited them later that evening.

“What would have been God’s answer?” according to you? I feel it would have been, “Adam my son, I don’t want you to live alone. I have given you Eve. She is a good girl. Spend your life with her. Share everything with her. OK?”

A little boy as he was, Adam might have asked, “Can I pinch her?”

God would have laughed in His sleeve !

Adam didn’t want to know anything about Eve.. He just would have caught on to the word, “good girl” and accepted her as his companion.
And they got along very well.

So, in modern time too, just accept her and live with her happily.

That’s how marriages were concluded in ancient India. There were no ceremonies, no exchange of gifts and dowry, no exchange of vows. And they lived happily There was nothing known as ‘broken marriages’ or ‘divorces’..
Perhaps in their own hearts each must have promised to himself /herself, “I must make a success of my marriage. I must live with him/her for life. And that’s that.”

Many tribes in India follow this method. There is nothing known as ‘love marriage’. Parents decided on an alliance and informed their son/daughter accordingly. “From today, you go and live with him/her. OK?’

How wonderful if we can follow this system in the 21st century ! Did I hear someone say something? “That’s what our software engineers are doing, Jay? They just start living together ,as per your philosophy, don’t they?”

”Oh yes, you caught me there all right. But not exactly. In the olden day concept, the respective parents were present and after the couple entered their private room, the witnesses must have clapped hands as the finale.

But our software engineers do it on the quiet, all by themselves without any one around. That’s the difference.


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