Monday, December 18

How to Make Shoes Last Longer

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Let’s face it. Most of us are strapped for cash these days. Therefore it is a smart idea to get the most out of what we own, whether it be cars, appliances, clothing, or shoes. While it may be hard to eke out an extra 10,000 miles from your gas-guzzling clunker, it is really not that hard to prolong the life of shoes. Here are some easy and inexpensive tips that will help your shoes last longer:

1. Storage. Imagine what would happen if you treated your most expensive article of clothing the same we treat our shoes. You wouldn’t take off that expensive jacket and toss it into a corner when you came home, would you? Yet this is what most of us do to our shoes. If you have a particularly expensive pair of shoes you’d like to protect, keep them stored in a box. It’s also a good idea to use a shoe block, which is basically a piece of wood that is inserted into the shoes when they are not being worn in order to maintain their shape. You can get the same results, however, by stuffing the shoes with crumpled up newspaper or tissue paper.

2. Wear the right shoes for the right occasions. You wouldn’t wear a pair of Manolo Blahniks to mow the lawn, and you probably wouldn’t wear a pair of tennis shoes to the office. Shoes perform best, and therefore last longest, when they are worn for the situation for which they were designed.

3. Alternate your shoes. Naturally, wearing the same pair of shoes every day will result in a much shorter life than by wearing them only occasionally. If you were to wear a pair of shoes only once or twice per week, there’s a very good chance that the shoes will still look new a year or two down the road. However, if you wear the same pair of shoes every day, it will only be a few months until they begin to look worn out.

4. Buy the best that you can afford. A well-made pair of shoes will almost always last longer than a cheap no-name brand, since expensive shoes tend to be better constructed. Look at sneakers, for example. On expensive sneakers, the soles are stitched to the rest of the shoe, whereas on cheaper sneakers, the soles are simply glued onto the rest of the shoe.

5. Wear your rubbers. No, I’m not talking about safe sex, I’m talking about rain boots and galoshes. Back in the days when most folks could only afford one good pair of shoes, almost everyone wore galoshes in inclement weather in order to prevent damage to their shoes. Since we now live in a world where everything is deemed as disposable, very few people wear rain boots. However, keeping your shoes away from rain, snow, and mud will greatly lengthen their life.

These five tips will ensure that your favorite pair of shoes will last for years, and best of all, it will save you money in the long run.


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