Wednesday, December 13

Hairstyling Tips: Super Easy Time-Saving Styles

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Beauty is often about creating an illusion. We choose the clothes we wear or the makeup we wear in order to make us look thinner, younger, taller, or different than we really are. Hair presents a great opportunity to create illusions as well. There are many ways to cheat which can make it look as though you spent hours working on your hair, even though you only needed a few minutes.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to create a sophisticated look is with a ponytail. If you have long, straight hair, a super-sleek ponytail can look elegant. Simply work a small amount of light wax through the hair, pull into a low ponytail, and use a flat iron to smooth the ends. Mist with a shine spray, and you’ll look ready for the runway. Of course, the key to pulling off this look is to use a simple and understated hair tie or a clear elastic band, instead of the outdated and downright tacky “scrunchie”. If you want to spice things up for a night out on the town, simply twist the ponytail into a coil, wrap the ends around the base of the ponytail, and pin into place. Instant classic ballerina chignon!

If you’re looking for something with a little more texture, dampen your hair in the evening and plait the hair into a simple French braid. In the morning, undo the braid, and spray the hair with a sea salt spray. Fingercomb the hair, and you’ll have instant waves, all without the use of a curling iron or rollers. The secret to pulling off this look is to make sure the hair is damp and not wet the night before. If the hair is too wet when it is put into the braid, it won’t be thoroughly dry by morning.

Do you prefer to wear your hair straight, but hate spending all morning with a flat iron? As long as you wear your hair down, don’t even bother straightening the hair in the nape area. Unless you put your hair up, no one’s going to see it anyway. Simply section the hair in the crown area, and flat iron that hair only.

If you prefer something a little more daring, and if you have hair that is shoulder-length or shorter, why not try a wet set? Basically, a wet set is nothing more than working gel into wet hair, combing the hair into the desired shape, and then allowing to dry. Wet sets can be elaborate (think 1920s fingerwaves), or simple and chic (think of Nell Campbell’s portrayal of Columbia in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”).

From sophisticated chignons to soft curls to gel-slicked chic, many classic looks can be achieved quickly and easily!


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