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Muscle Building Exercises: Overview

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General recommendations :

When doing muscle building exercises, the best practice which will be effective as well as safe would be to do exercises which involve groups of muscles rather than single isolated muscles. Therefore, a person involved in muscle building exercises need to focus on the upper body, lower body, the arms…etc in order to do a effective workout.

Before engaging in muscle building exercises, a person should find a professional instructor as well as a customizable work schedule. Once these are in place, arrangements should be made to eat healthily and adequately with major contributions coming from protein containing products. Getting rid of bad habits as well as avoiding sugar containing or carbonated drinks would be the other aspect in doing a effective muscle building workout.

Specific exercises :

In any event, if you want to build muscles, you have to lift weight. Therefore, following exercises can be listed as the most useful of all such weight lifting exercises.


This is an effective exercise for building lower body strength and is a fast way of developing muscle mass as well. It works out many of the muscle groups and the power rack is one of the favorite and worshiped areas of a professional muscle builder’s routine.


Being one of the basic exercises in a muscle building regime, it can be interpreted as the most profound exercise of all in giving total body workout and overall muscle power. It effectively involves all the muscles from calves to neck muscles. It mimics the lifting of a weight in the ground by bending from the back and proper technique in performing a deadlift should be sorted by the weight lifter.

Bench Press

Being another favorite of building upper body muscle mass, it will also indicate the power within the upper body muscles.

Military Press

Being the age old exercise for building upper body muscles as well as strength, it is also useful to build stronger shoulders as well.


For a person who is about to begin weight training, pushups would be a better and a effective option but, with time, it should be replaced by other types of more effective upper body building exercises such as military press and bench press.

Apart from the above mentioned exercises, there are many other exercises that you can include into your regime according to the instructions given by your coach. But, with any of these exercises, the secret of being successful would be to be patient, make yourself motivated and not to over train.


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