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Signs to Stop Doing Exercises

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Why do you need to ‘stop’ doing an exercise?

While encouraging in the involvement of adequate and safe amounts of exercises, a person who involves in such activities should also have an idea about the limitations of his or her physical straining. It is true that we may not be 100% when it comes to our health. Many of us may have chronic illnesses or else might be suffering from an acute injuries or illnesses. At the same time, while exerting, there is a possibility of injuring or straining yourself and also has the potential to aggravate an existing illness.

Therefore, while you engage in exercise activities, you should also be vigilant about the signs which asks or demands you to ‘stop’ your workout. Unless you know these symptoms, it is quite possible to neglect such occurrences and ultimately pay the consequences later on. Thus, let us see the signs which invariably indicate the necessity to halt your exercises.

When should you stop doing and exercise?

-Development of chest pain

Angina, or ischemic heart pain, is usually felt on the left side of the chest and will be tightening or pricking in nature whereas in certain instances it can run into the neck, jaw as well as to the left upper arm.

Shortness of breath

If mild to moderate exertion gives you a feeling of shortness of breath that may be your limit for exertion. If the shortness of breath is out of proportion, it may need to be investigated further as certain heart and lung problems can give rise to such symptoms.

-Lightheadedness, dizziness, vertigo and severe headache

-Difficulty in swallowing, seeing or else talking

-Joint and muscle pain

Most often, joint pains are neglected during exercises and people do carry on with their workout despite such pains. This will not only make the possible injuries at the joints worse as well as make the recovery process to take a longer time. Thus, if you feel a joint pain, especially pain in the knees, ankle, calf or in the hamstring, you need some rest and see if it resolves with minor stretching.


This should be taken in as a sign to stop as the muscles are no longer able to cope with the severe stress. Therefore, the muscles should be given a rest to replenish the energy stores as well as to get rid of lactic acid accumulation in the tissues.

-Faults in the exercising equipments

In case you detect a fault in your exercising equipment, it is time for you to stop as continuation could lead to a danger of causing an injury.

If these signs are taken in as significant and necessary measures are taken, many dangers can be avoided and exercises would be even safer.


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