Monday, December 11

Blogging, How Did I Start?

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I’ve been blogging for three years. First, it was just a mere expression of my feelings and what is basically in my mind. I never thought it to come this far.

Now, consistently at least a day, I tried to write something. In whatever theme and topic. I do not actually pick. I just got inspired from the people around me. Husband, children, friends, mother-in-law, co-teachers, students, the beggars on the streets, and to anyone that catches my attention to write.

It all just started with a couple of words, and then phrases and a few lines that somehow defines me and my dispositions in life. I thought it would be very difficult only when you started it. But honestly it is still.

I believe it is never easy to write and choose words and lines. Most especially when other people around the globe can read it. People at times expected you when you write. Thinking that you are good and well verse. Not at all. I never dreamed of becoming a writer before. I know my words are limited and my sentences are at times faulty. But all I want is to tell stories. That has been my dream. To tell stories.

Blogging aside from giving information is also telling people your stories, your undertakings, learning and moreover the beauty of life.

I never regretted the day I stepped forward to write and be loud about what I think is right and to which I hope to be corrected. I never forget the words my mind first derived and put that into writing. And now as part of the pieces written in my BLOG.


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