Saturday, December 16

How Countries in The Tropics Celebrate Christmas?

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Who doesn’t dream about the famous, classic White Christmas? The Christmas which snow is everywhere. The Christmas which is most celebrated by the people in the north. White Christmas that turned out to be the title of a song and a movie.

But is there any other image which we can describe about Christmas? Being a Filipino and a settler in the Philippines, it is never a question why I dreamed and still dream  a Christmas with a snow.

I grow-up in a country which is located almost in the middle of the equator. A country that never experience the four seasons and never see snow on Christmas day. I celebrated Christmas as the other people in the tropics do. But what is it really like to celebrate Christmas in the tropics?

Christmas in the tropical countries are different. It’s the absence of coldness. The temperature though dropped in a few degrees is still a lot warmer compared to countries in the north. People are not only deprived to see snow but also unable to feel really cold. Almost all exert efforts to give warm to others especially the less fortunate one.

For many, Christmas is celebrated along with a number of reunions, parties, dinner, exchange of gifts, more of eating, drinking and dancing. Festivities are all over the country. Everyone is  warmed-up and houses blinked in hundreds of colorful lights. People from all walks of life flocked to the malls and shopped. And most importantly, people in the tropics concentrate more on how to give warm to one another. And that I believe is the real essence of Christmas. Give warm and being warmed by loved ones.


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