Friday, December 15

Symbols in Poetry

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Poetry is a literary composition that is also considered as a form of art. I remember a saying from Leonardo da Vinci that says, “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

Poetry is more than just a written expression. It is itself a quality of beauty and gracefulness that is expressed in words and symbols. Aside from beats and rhymes, symbols are also used to convey the messages of the poet. Symbols that usually cast a spell over the readers and are often used to enhance poetry in motion. Symbols that create colors, waves, movements, transition, and enhance a sheer poetry into a form of art.

The following poems are my written collections and are examples of what we call “Symbols in Poetry”.

Storm Me

I already tasted my one piece
of a crazy love that took away
my sanity as if a spider inside of me
you devoured me and attack me
in an inverted way, you’re creeping’ here
inside of me where I’m more fragile
oh how clever you are, your simple
you made me sleepless and raise my breathe
and turn it to a tornado, I now whirls
in my own little world now my beds
looks like a thousand storms has passed by
oh that made me tired.

The Ice cream

an ice cream on the table
is untouched but melted
nobody wants it even in its
colorful state– they really hate it

I’m but an ice cream
but no matter how much i possess
the rainbow and the stars,
the moon and other constellations

which in my life i already own it but
the sun will never come to have it
to embrace everything i possess
I’m just that poor melted ice cream

on your table
you can’t dare grab it
for even I’m not hot
you can’t swallow me
i know you hate it.

The Sad Valentines Day of the Moon

now the moon is ready to shine
now she’s dressed in passion
coated with a glittered red sequence
of sincerity and hope and pleasure
to embrace it’s loved and beloved
the darkness in the sky
and the few flashes of the twinkling star,

she wish that the rain will hear
and will come to wet her night
and chill the roaring thunders
in her heart’s desire
to play the night and be free
though unable to entangle
the thin lines of her past.


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