Tuesday, December 12

Poetic License

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What makes people afraid about writing?

How many people are inspired to write but stuck with the grammar rules and other technicalities that every writer should consider? If you claim yourself to be one, then you are not alone.

Before I claim to have the interest to write, I also found myself bound with what most aspirant do–rules. But here is another form of writing that will cast away all the burdens that most writer dislike. Poetry. It has the license that allow anyone to write without any boundaries and we call that “Poetic License.”

What is Poetic License?

Poetic license is the exemption that a poet possesses. It is a license that consider any poet to change  facts, ignore grammar rules and even twist logic because they are making not just a mere writing but an expression and a form of art.

Like any form of art, poetry is not bound for any limitations. It expresses beyond what is perceived by the senses. With this, a poet has his freedom to do whatever he wants in his master pieces.

With poetry, I believe anybody can be a writer without the worries. So why not start writing a be a poet. It’s fun and it will give you the benefit to admire writing.

The following poems are my written collections and are examples of what we call “Poetic License.”

Head Game

I wish to show you a piece of me
uncover, unlocked
open to fill you up

but I am not the right answer
to your questions of trust
I’m the delusion you fantasize
you’re just to visualize

but you can find no love in me
all were just a game
it’s in the head
and it will never be real


The Blind Sun

the sun is blinded
now, he can’t see me
i’m out of no where
he couldn’t reach me
he couldn’t touch me

love is callin’
but i’m not goin’
i wish to stay and hide
away from his sight
the sound of his right
that bound me

i’ll rather fight my own pain
even without his attention


Pronounce The Opposite

What if life is
pronounced as “DEATH”
and then I’ll say when
I received your engagement,
“I’m dead”.

What if love is
pronounced as “HATE”
and when you kiss me,
I’ll say to you
“I’ll hate it”.

What if together is
pronounced as “SEPARATE”
maybe I’ll keep on telling that
“I’m longing for the time we separate”.



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