Sunday, December 17

The Wife And The Head of The Family

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Lioness in nature hunts and brings food for her cubs. On the other hand the male lion just keep watch. I never thought this could happen in a real life situation with humans.

Generally, when we speak of mothers, it always connotes the taking care of the children and the nourishing part. But all things change when women started to gain their rights in the society and be counted like men do. It was all because of their crave for respect that pushes women to stand up and be somebody at home, in a community and even in a country. Until women change, the responsibility also change.

Nowadays, how many wives counting myself are no longer staying at home the whole day to keep every house clean? How many mothers who are no longer enhance to take care of their children?  I admit, I am one of them. But worse than that, how many wives turn out to be the head of the family? Shocking, isn’t it? I am and I know a few who are on the same boat with me.

This isn’t an isolated situation in the world today. This is a phenomenon already.  Women  and their leadership at home is in dilemma. Yes, they are.

But how is it like to be a woman and the head of the family ? I’m sure it’s tough. If it is laborious to stay at home, it is more strenuous to be at work and provide for the family while the people around never understand what you’re doing.

Why do people appraise your doings by the norms of the society? In my country, I am one of the few women that is working for the family. I feel and do as if my family is my responsibility. That is fine. I can, I believe. But what I didn’t understand are the people that think it’s wrong.

Is it a choice? Sometimes but most of the time it’s not. Sometimes it’s the only way to make your family survive. So, you don’t have any choice but to take the path that others don’t. Is it wrong? No, I believe it’s not. I still find time to be with my family and take care of them. There is no one that can replace the sensitivity and the touch of a mother. But at times you have to think, they need more than touch. They need the food on the table and their survival in this world. And that is better taken cared of if you step forward as a mother and be the head of the family.

Leadership is not meant for one leader alone but allowing others to be one. Do you think a migrating swans who flies to their destination allow only male swans to take the lead? I don’t think so.

To be a wife and be the head of the family is not wrong even if there are still quite a few who couldn’t understand that. Not unless you do that just to escape from your responsibility. Then I will consider it wrong.


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