Monday, December 18

The Mothers-In-Law: It's Only Money

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The Mothers-in-Law: It’s Only Money is another plot that a lot of couples can easily identify with.  Actually, any individual in a similar situation can connect with the plot of a friend who takes advantage financially.

In fact, I can.  It’s not that the friend was being mean; it’s just a pattern that began.  As it does in this half hour comedy, it did rectify itself after some discussion.

Basically, Herb Hubbard (Herbert Rudley) has had it up to his neck with the way the Buells (Roger C. Carmel and Kaye Ballard) always manage to have him pick up the check and other money type things where he comes out the loser.  It’s not that Roger Buell doesn’t pay, it’s that he doesn’t pay a fair amount.

This is the catalyst for an even bigger argument that happens later between the ladies.  Their stuff is really a hoot to watch.  They get so carried away. That’s where a lot of the humor from the episode comes in for me.

On the whole, The Mothers-in-Law: It’s Only Money is a good show and did entertain.  It also had a new opening.  Actually, the show changed up the opening theme with regularity I’ve noticed.


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