Sunday, December 17

The Mothers-In-Law: I Haven't Got a Secret

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The Mothers-in-Law: I Haven’t Got a Secret is no doubt a rip on the title of the successful game show, I’ve Got a Secret.  However, that’s the only tie in to that.  The game show has nothing to do with the comedy plot presented during this half hour.

The story has Roger Buell (Roger C. Carmel) waiting to hear about a soap opera that he’s trying to sell.  It’s looking good, and if it goes through, it means a lot of money for the couple.  However, it’s not confirmed, and Roger doesn’t want wife Kaye (Kaye Ballard) to tell anyone about it. He’s afraid she might jinx the deal.

Naturally, though, Kaye can’t keep a secret, and one by one, the news of the potential sell penetrates through the entire Buell and Hubbard clans.

What I like is the little song that Kaye sings about not blabbing so as to not jinx the deal. The little diddy ends up being sung by Eve Arden as Eve Hubbard as well.  I just think it’s funny.

I really love how Ballard and Carmel relate to each other.  They have a wonderful chemistry together and did a remarkable job of communicating both that bickering quality the series wanted along with romance.


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