Tuesday, December 12

The Mothers-In-Law: The Long, Long Weekend

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The Mothers-in-Law: The Long, Long Weekend continues a plot that has been done once too often in this first season of the comedy series.  While I still think it’s funny and am enjoying my re-watch of the series, some things are standing out as showing a bit too much of ‘Didn’t they just do that?’

Now the premise of the show is that the two couples, the Hubbards and the Buells, have lived next door to each other for almost 25 years.  They’ve bickered the entire time, but then made some headway towards peace when their children married in the pilot episode.

The problem is that sometimes the show didn’t know whether they wanted the couples to be friends or enemies.  This show begins with the 3 couples all trying to get out of a weekend at the cabin together because they want to be alone.  They all lie, and then they all do the same thing.

The action is very predictable, though well acted.  The acting is never at issue; frankly, neither is the comedy.  The regulars are craftsman; they know how to do humor.  I laugh.  It’s just that some of it is stale because we’ve been there and done that a bit too often.  That’s the downside of this episode.


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