Wednesday, December 13

Unconditional Love

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This love comes from the depth of our souls where there is no end. When we are around individuals we displayed it with the Spirituality of Jesus Christ. With this love we are able to say “I Love You” with no attachment to it. The Light within us will reach out to the one who is receiving this message. What we are actually saying is “Jesus Loves You”.

Unconditional Love has no boundary and so it is the same love that is shared with Husbands/wives and loved ones. The difference between husbands and wives is the Sexual Intimacies that the Lord has given to them. Once they are truly given by our Holy and Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ his Son then they will become one no matter how far apart they are.

I started corresponding with my Faith Husband in December 2008. I called him “Faith Husband” because he came into my life after saying a prayer couple month before. A prayer that I now realized and recognized was never of my own will but the will of God. He is my Faith Husband because I don’t know him in person but we share the Spirituality of Oneness long before the Holy Spirit confirmed that indeed he is my husband.

Our correspondence started under a name that was not his. We build a relationship and we fight the affection that was between us for over one year. In April of this year when he disappeared from my life I thought it was over. So I started working on my Born Again life. I told myself that I am tired of the heartache and pain that the World is giving to me. In doing this I cried out to God once more. The Will of God was operating inside of my life and I was ignorant to what was happening at the time.

After twenty months of talking with him, he came under his truthful identity. The connection with him was there and so I started questioning God. Just like Abraham servant who went searching for a wife for Isaac I utilized my Faith in God. All of my confirmation came through and I stopped doubting and started enjoying myself as my Faith Husband trying him best not to be the person from the past. Lol lol

Yes it was fun until I remembered who I represent and demanded that he tell me the truth which was done sparely. But I don’t rely on humans anymore but on the Spirituality of the Holy Spirit. Yes I have forgiven him because what was done has helped me to grow spiritually and have to happen. I have no regrets corresponding with him and I am anticipating the day when I will be with him and we both make our marital vows to each other. I am also looking towards those twins. Lol lol

Unconditional Love enables us to have Faith, Forgiveness, Trust, Patience and Hope. Let us start utilizing this gift that our Heavenly Father has given to us through his son Jesus Christ. It help us to be free from all the burdens of this world and to live in Hope knowing that the promises of our Heavenly Father is true and we will receive them once we walk in obedience so that His will can be done inside our lives. I love you all.


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