Tuesday, December 12

Who Will Help to Select a Car?

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Can I choose a car, without resorting to a familiar specialist? Let’s answer this question, having spent “running” tests developed in the middle of last year the publishing house “Driving” CD-ROM entitled “Catalogue” Driving “, which includes electronic versions of the directory” World Car 98 “,” World Truck 98 “,” World Motorcycle 98 “. Immediately provide that, although solutions to this problem available information may be outdated.

So, suppose I always need a car for official travel within the city. Hence, it must have small dimensions (due to problems with parking) and spend little fuel (to save money). Other options, such as engine capacity, optimize as we go.

To begin, I looked in the section “Classification of cars” to deal with bodies and determine what kind of machine is compact – sedan, coupe or hatchback? Then listen to lectures on the subject. Looked in a special catalog section titled “Selection of the car, which was organized to help the potential buyer. Unfortunately, here I am facing a problem: the filter retrieval system of body type does not allow to install more than one species. I had to pick them consistently, and only then compare those options.

Even after a short stint with the catalog, I disabled the sound effects: noise speeding cars, the roar of the engine is started, honking horns, not only prevented, but at times even scary.

The main I chose the parameters such as “Body type”, “Curb weight”, “Engine capacity”, “Engine”, “Fuel consumption per 100 km”, “Acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h, “Maximum speed” and “Drive type”, and for them to assign specific values. I pointed out to me the desired body compartment, have proposed the minimum possible fuel consumption (6 liters) and accelerates from zero to 100 km / h (less than 8). Immediately it became clear that for 100 km to the three selected types of bodies at a good pick-up fuel consumption less than 8 liters unreal.

But if you take the fuel consumption, equal to 8.10 liters, it fits any of the five models of cars with different body type. And when I tightened the selection and limited the “Curb weight” to 1,5 m (for saving both dimensions), then there are only two contenders: Hatchback Fiat Punto GT coupe and Honda CRX Vti. By double-clicking an article with detailed technical specifications of both models, I made a bookmark. But back to the screen with the specifications in section “Selection of the car” I had to through the main menu, which is not very convenient.


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