Thursday, December 14

Dealing With Life's Problems

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Looking at the world around me, at the society I live in right here in America, gives me serious pause to stop and think. As it was in the days of Noah, it all looks a little the same as we are all, the world around, living in fear of one thing or another, recession, poverty, crime, black marketing, terrorism, a Godless society, prejudice, hate crimes, drugs, illnesses unheard of before. It is a scary world out there.  Consider…


As it was in the days of Noah,

the end times will be.
Now it seems we’re treading water
in a very restless sea.
The water is getting deeper.
The waves are rolling high.
The sharks are sharpening their teeth
and by God we’re going to die
if we don’t listen up and pay attention.
We won’t find rescue in an ark.
There is more to life and living
than our own self-serving lark.

All around us are the warnings.
All around us are the signs.
What is it we’re not seeing?
Are we really all that blind?
As it was in the days of Noah,
so it will be in the end times.

While we’re sitting on our apathy
and playing the blame game,
listening to innuendo
we’re going down in shame.
We hear but we’re not listening,
accept what we hear as fact,
pretending it can’t happen here
and we’re not watching our back.
For more than thirty years
we’ve been under terrorist attack…

But our greatest enemy is here,
right here, at home, among us
as we follow like stampeding cattle,
Oh how blindly we trust,
take for granted all we have
and leave our living to luck…
Now we’re all treading water
on a tumultuous sea,
the waves raging higher
and we’re being deceived.
Seems most of us don’t really think
to know what we believe.

There is a Noah Document.
It is filed in Genesis.
Take a good look at it.
Our world looks a lot like this
and Sodom and Gomorrah,
Nineveh and Babylon,
all documents to warn us,
show us where we’re going wrong.
This world has left a legacy of lessons.
Now read Psalms 111:10 and Proverbs 9…
As it was in the days of Noah,
it will be in the end times.
The water is getting deeper.
The waves are rolling high.
If we don’t turn back, get right with God,
by God we’re going to die.

These words aren’t meant to scare you.
They are meant to help you realize,
to live, to really have a life,
on God we must rely.
It is up to each of us to choose
but I hope these words leave thinking fodder.
Now I leave you with this question…
How long can you tread water?


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