Thursday, December 14

God Knows MY Name

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Have you ever stared up at the sky at night with its zillions of stars and planets and thought how small we really are in the whole scheme of things and then realize, “I am so much smaller still, just a speck in the whole expanse of all things and microscopic at that?  It sets you back a pace or two.  What is even more amazing is to know God and realize God loves this little speck, this very tiny me and made me very special and for a very special reason with a very special plan for me and God even knows my name.  That is awesome.  There is nothing I do, even think, that God doesn’t know about and God cares very much about all I do and all I need, my every emotion, all of me and of you too.

It was over two thousand years ago that God gave His Son, Jesus because God loves us so very much and Jesus left His home in Heaven and came to Earth taking on humanity, was born and lived and died among us for our very sake and conquered death and overcame the power of sin and rose from the grave alive so that we may live and live for all eternity with God, with Jesus in a New Kingdom of peace, peace and joy forever and God even knows my name and God knows your’s too.  He gave Jesus, the gift of Love and Life.  God knows my name.


In this universe so vast

with so much darkness overcast,

I’m a tiny speck but just the same,

amazingly God knows my name.

On this Earth there is so much

confusion, contradiction, such

that I will never see,

understand, not completely.

I’m just a speck. I am so small,

this minute me within it all

but God still keeps His eyes on me

and though it seems hard to believe…

God knows my name.


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