Monday, December 11

Memories Are The Precious Thing When we Are Old.

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     There are times when you need to know to lose.  And if you do not know you have to learn. Quick, because the situation requires. There are times when you have to give a hand to make place for someone else. No matter how hard you think it is, move by it, like when you know you’ve lost.

         A step back, and try to look like from the outside to be just the same, now, after you lost? No, a wild you think the world changed. Lost will you find the supports points. Believe that you are lucky if you find it. Memories? What to do with them? Some other torture you slowly, others make you go farther. You live so many times in your mind, that at some point you feel the need to let them go where its know that it belong. Then you want it back. The most beautiful. Little things that mattered so much at a time. You know that you have with you and nobody can take it from you. Here you are absolute master, you decide how long wear them with you and still do not know what the best time they can take only memories.

          A coffee-flavored liqueur. A handshake. A road at night where nothing and no one has ever mattered. You could then go to the end of the world that all you would not have seemed far. Moments when you held in his arms and you were sure he does not like you ever want to let go. A look. All these you have lost. May you only remember them? Of which will keep the beautiful ones. A well close to them that nobody knows that you are still are to you but will always be. Only good memories and you’ll feel just that called you learn to lose. Nice to lose without regret.


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