Thursday, December 14

How to Manage Stress in Seven Steps?

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It is practically impossible to escape the stress completely. However, we can successfully make a stand against it (This term is also known as stress management or as the Danes commonly call it stresshåndtering). Here we can show you seven little steps that can help you deal with stress.

  1. Reduce tension every day. Lack of time is not an excuse for you to take your 15 minutes of your time for yourself. Just relax, enjoy with your hobby, go out with friends, read a nice book, go to yoga, or just do something that you think it may help you relax.

  2. Control your time! It is easier to do your job and do all the tasks from your schedule if you are more organized. Planyourworktothemaximumdegree. See how important tasks are and decide for yourself whether to do them and how important it is to do them as fast as possible. Make the time work for you, not against you!

  3. Makeyourbedbeyourkingdom! You have to take care for yourself and get a nice deep and relaxing sleep. It is true that if your bed is more comfortable it will make your sleep better too. The spring-bed should be soft, but not very much. Usually beds, that have things such as memory form in their spring-beds, are much more expensive, but it is very important for you to sleep well. Your head will be clearer in the morning, you will be happier and healthier and you will be much more productive at work and at home.

  4. Exercise every day! Choose such exercises that you love and you do with pleasure. If fitness is boring for you, then search for something different. Try Aqua-aerobics, Yoga or Pilates. Just find your sport, the sport that will make you do the exercises with pleasure and not much effort. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to go to fitness, you can do exercises at home and spend at least 20 minutes a day to keep your body in a good shape.

  5. Speak openly. It is proven that your emotions and your negative thinking are increasing the stress. Speaking helps, so, you should clear up your mind from the negative emotions when talking with friends. Just share them your problems and relax. There is nothing better than sharing your problems to someone and listen to their advices.

  6. Laugh as much as possible. Laugh loudly when you want to and use your lungs to laugh too. Be happy about small things and enjoy the life and all its good moments. Love the humor of the others!

  7. You can find luck anywhere and from anything. You just have to learn to notice it. Luck does not come from outer material things. You can find it in yourself. Stop complaining about your miserable life because you can be happy. Everything is in the mind. Learn to accept compliments and enjoy the sunny days, think positive and feel yourself lucky every day.


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