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Petrol Hedge Trimmer – What Sort Of Blade Action And Length Would Be Correct For My Hedging?

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When purchasing your petrol hedge trimmer, take your time, consider the type of jobs you are going to be utilizing it for as this will decide the variety of blade and blade length which you require.  Do you have neat, well-manicured hedges which you maintain on a regular basis?  Do you have a ‘wild’ garden with natural hedging and shrubs that only need to be kept under control with one or two trims a year?  What sort of hedging do you have?  Is it coniferous, flowering or mixed?  Do you need precise cutting on topiaries or shaped hedging?  

1.    Wide teeth blades.  These can cut through thicker branches although they leave a rougher finish.  Because cutting through thicker hedging requires greater power, you will only find wide teeth blades on higher powered hedge trimmer models.  The blade width is indicative of the maximum thickness of branch the blade can cut through so, a blade-width of 20cm will deal with a 20cm diameter twig without any problems.

2.    Narrow teeth blades. These are mostly used for hedging which are regularly looked after and trimmed and which are not left long enough between trims to develop any thick twigs which would need cutting.  Narrow teeth blades leave a fine finish and are most appropriate for well-manicured gardens, perhaps with shaped hedges or topiary.

3.    Single action blades and double action blades.  A petrol hedge trimmer can have either single action blades or double action blades.  Either type has a pair of blades but in the case of double action blades, the benefit is that the two blades travel in opposing directions which cancels out much of the vibration.  If you are going to be working with your hedge trimmer for long stretches, this will save your aching arms and shoulders!

4.    Blade length. Undeniably, the longer the blade on your petrol hedge trimmer, the more hedging you will be able to cut with one pass of the blades.  The drawback is that the longer the blades are, the heavier and more unmanageable the hedge trimmer is likely to be.  It is a happy medium between efficacy and ease of use.  Hedge Trimmer blades can be up to about 30″ in length.  For most purposes a blade-length of 22″ is a sound choice.  If you have a little garden or intricate topiary to sculpt, you could prefer to go for a shorter blade and lengths begin at about 14″.

For tall hedges, consider purchasing a petrol long reach hedge trimmer which will enable you to cut your taller hedging and shrubs from the safety of the ground. Taking time to consider exactly what you require will prevent an expensive error and save you the annoyance of getting the wrong tool for the job.  Taking a look at the choice of petrol hedge trimmers available will help you to pick out the models that fit the specification you require and after this you can choose the one that offers the very best value in terms of quality, reliability and value for money.


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