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The Secret on How to Write Effective Keywords!

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The Secret on How To Write Effective Keywords

When I was new to the world of online writing, I didn’t pay much attention to effective keywords.  I knew it was important, but I just didn’t focus on it because I thought it took too much time.  This was over a year ago.  As time went by I realized it is indeed imperative for articles to have effective keywords.  And it does not really take a lot of time to include those important keywords in your articles.

After I started paying more attention to keywords (plus focusing on popular topics),  my earnings then increased from cents to dollars to hundreds of dollars.  So quantity is not the number one issue when trying to earn money through online writing.  It is writing about popular topics + writing effective keywords + promoting the articles.

What are keywords and why are they so important?

These are words that people type in when they search for a particular topic.  Without these important keywords in your articles, nobody will be able to find your articles even if they are the best written articles in the world.  If for example you are writing about how to make pizza, then you have to put the phrase how to make pizza, pizza crust, pizza sauce, etc in your article.  Spread them out so that they get repeated in your article, but don’t overdo it else your article will be regarded as spam.

How to write effective keywords:

  • Think as if you’re the visitor.  What words will you type in Google to find the subject you’re searching for? Use those words.

  • Be more specific.  Use phrases.  Put “unique baby girl names”, “unique baby girls names”, “pretty baby girl names” as opposed to only a generic “baby girl names”.  This way you can get more visitors who are specifically looking for your article subject.

How do you know which keywords are effective?

Use Google’s Keyword Tool.

This is the link to the keyword tool:

Type in a word or phrase, one per line.  Let’s use the same example “how to make pizza”.  Instantly it shows you a list of keywords, and it even shows you the number of global monthly searches as well as local monthly searches.  Just by looking at these figures you will know which keywords are popular.  Use the keywords with the highest number of searches.  In this example, the most popular keywords that came up are: how to make pizza, how to make pizza crust, how to make pizza bases, pizza recipe, make pizza, making pizza, make pizza dough, etc.  And note that many people spell things differently.  Some people spell dough as doe or even dow.  “how to make pizza dow” has actually 22000+ searches! “How to make pizza doe” has 18000+ searches!

This is really a very helpful tool to find the popular and actual keywords to include in your article.

Hope this article on writing effective keywords has helped you!

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