Monday, December 18

Belly Button Piercing Care

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To avoid infection and scarring it’s important to take care of your belly button piercing properly.

Choose your belly button piercing belly button piercing carefully. Although Belly Button piercing is the most popular of piercing next to ears, it is the most difficult to heal, usually 6 months to a year.There are several types of recommended nontoxic metals:

Solid 14K gold Platinum Titanium Surgical Steel

Silver in general should be avoided.

When going for your Belly Button Piercing some thing to check for:

Do Not pierce at home! The Studio should be clean and comfortable. The equipment and jewelry should be sterilized. As with any piercing, the first few days your belly button piercing will be red and sore. If any irriation persists, remove the piercing. It is important to keep Your Belly Button piercing clean

  • Clean your belly button 2 times a day with antibacterial soap.

  • Rotate your piercing, do not continally “play” or touch your piercing

  • Remove any crust around the piercing, Salt Water or H2O works well to encourage healing

  • Do NOT remove your belly button piercing until it has healed about 6 months

  • Avoid swimming pools until your belly button has healed about 6 months

  • Do not wear tight waistbands that will rub your belly button


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