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Relax With Covert Cams At Home

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Vanished Children’s Alliance has claimed that a child goes missing or is abducted in the world every 40 seconds and a car is stolen in the United States every 24 seconds as per the Insurance Information Institute.

What are the ways to avert such crimes to happen to you or your family? Video surveillance is a great option which many of us may not have thought about.

When we think of video surveillance, typically it brings the malls and retail stores in our mind. The fact is that today several people are using video surveillance and are finding it useful in their home as well as personal lives.

Nowadays covert cameras are used by people to watch the back door, front doors, car, children’s room and the yard. Several times video cameras have protected kids from help in the household like baby sitters, cleaning people who have shown harmful or irrational behavior. Surveillance cameras will also show if people who are not welcome enters the house or a room. There is no better evidence than a video to prove the person who stole your vehicle.

It is possible to record and monitor your home and environment with cameras that have been designed in a manner that they are hidden and can only be seen by you. They don’t even look like a camera. CCS International has designed technologically advanced video surveillance systems to be used at home for personal requirements. They can broadcast, monitor and record present situations to give you peace of mind.

Some examples of video surveillance camera:

  • Hand Held Clock Video Cam is a small palm-size clock which can view what is happening around live with a hidden pinhole camera designed inside it. It can transmit video pictures for about 24 hours or you can use it with a DVR for recording long-term. You can also get a camera system which is hidden inside a working alarm clock radio.

  • Briefcase Camera Portable Recording System will look like a simple briefcase, but it has been designed with pinhole lens which gives clear quality high-resolution recordings.

  • Body Worn Spy Cam is a video surveillance camera which can be worn by you or can also be placed in a hidden area. This system is connected to a micro transmitter which transmits video signals to the attached video receiver. It is possible to connect the receiver to a video monitor VCR or a DVR.

You can also get many other kinds of CCS systems or surveillance camera.


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