Monday, December 11

Marketers Guide to Fat Facebooks Ad Cash

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Over 500 million people have accounts on FaceBook.  At any given day an average of 175 million people logged onto FaceBook. Facebook can sort through this huge database and find those people who EXACTLY fit search criteria for any products.  That could be literally millions of people who could potentially see TARGETED marketing.  Cutting to the chase; using FaceBook the “right” way can make it a marketer’s dream.

Marketing on FaceBook means money.  It could potentially mean BIG money if a savvy marketer knows what they are doing.  The following are the top FaceBook advertising tips for smart marketers:

Optimize ads:  Split testing

It is a hard fact that some ads perform better than others.  Run a few different ad types for the same product for sample.  This is called split testing.  Tweek an ad, and put it in completion with the original.  The goal is to continue to do this until there is an ad that has been tested again and again and continuously receives a strong positive result.


FaceBook has two ways you can use their advertising system.  CPM and CPC.  CPC(Cost Per Click) is safer.  With CPC you ONLY pay when the ad is actually clicked.   Any marketer that works and improves an ad will find that over a bit of time CPM ends up getting a lot more “bang for your buck” than CPC, as long as the marketer is doing everything possible to increase the profile of the ad.  For any marketers who plan to “set it and forget it” CPC on FaceBook may be the way to go.

Keep track of campaigns.

Every campaign that goes out has a lifecycle.  Just like television ads.  People who check out the ad soon as they see the ad tend to be the most likely to buy.  Over time the results to any add will begin to decrease.  People become used to seeing the ad and most that would be willing to click the ad and potentially make a purchase begin to decrease.  By keeping a careful eye on decreasing clicks  this fact can show a savvy marketer when it is time to pull a campaign.  Once an ad is pulled it is simply a matter of figuring out a new angle and a new ad and starting over.


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