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How to Care For Sensitive Skin

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The largest human organ is skin. Its main function – protects the body from the negative external impacts of various environmental factors. Also, the skin is involved in thermoregulation of the body and the water-salt metabolism. On the skin entrusted with the endocrine and receptor, metabolic and immune function. As the skin is possible to understand the status and functioning of the body as a whole.

Face and other exposed areas of the body are always exposed to the temperature and atmosphere, cosmetics and household chemicals. As a result of these influences during the life of any type of skin acquires increased sensitivity, which gives a lot of problems and hassle. Sensitive Skin virtually impervious to most cosmetic products, sensitive to weather and climate changes, such as wind, sun and frost.

Sensitive skin is characterized by:-

Desquamation, hyperemia, swelling, rashes, which may result in dermatitis. Also may have a burning sensation, itching, tingling, and tightening the skin.

According to recent research from the increased sensitivity of the skin affects about 60% of U.S. residents, 65% of people in Japan and 55% of the population of Europe.

Types of Skin sensitivity:-

1. Predisposed sensitivity. Its causes lie in the internal imbalance of the body. The first types are the following factors: menopausal changes, seborrhea dermatitis.

2. Acquired sensitivity. This type of sensitivity is caused by external stimuli, such as wind, sun, frost, some treatments: waxing, shaving, use of cosmetics. Certain foods, alcohol, stress can cause sensitivity type 1.

3. Arises in the complex effects of internal and external stimuli. For example, a topic dermatitis and allergic.

How to care for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, it is necessary to use special cosmetics that are taking into account the characteristics and features of a particular skin type. It must be drugs that do not contain dyes and components do not cause allergy and irritation.

Preparations must protect and nourish the skin, eliminate irritation. It is important to protect sensitive skin from exposure to UVB and UVA rays.

In autumn and winter skin prone to irritation, retain moisture, so it is advisable to use somewhat more dense cosmetics, enriched by nutrients, protects the skin from the environment and caring for her. In spring and summer, pay special attention to moisturizing the skin and protect it from ultraviolet radiation.


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