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Dangerous Dependence For Nasal Congestion

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Depending on what you mean? It’s called decongestants, or, simply put, the regular use of drops for the nose. Big deal drops, which are sold in any drugstore … All we often use them. This problem at first sight and the problem are difficult to name. But it is only at first glance.

What causes “grafting” to drop? It begins very simply: there is a runny nose (rhinitis), which irritates the skin around the nostrils. Or nose is stuffed up, which prevents breathe freely. In this situation, many people and will drop into the nearest drugstore and buy a drop of nasal congestion. Drug action immediately: just a few minutes breath improves. The man continues to apply a proven tool, and short-term notes that drops are not eight hours and five, three. And then a bottle of medicine is beginning to appear everywhere: in the kitchen, on shelves in a room in the bags … That’s all there is a relationship, it – medical rhinitis. Because children often suffer from colds and mothers often use drops for young patients even coined a special term -kindergarten spout.

The mechanism is simple: the dependence of causes acting substances belonging to the so-called alpha-agonists. The most famous – and (given international names of drugs). They narrow the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa. This reduces swelling and decreases the production of mucus, which leads to nasal congestion. However, the sensitivity of vessels to the drug is rapidly declining, and to achieve the same effect to increase the dose.

What conclusion? Do not use the drops for the nose, without urgent necessity. Undesirable to use a vasoconstrictor nasal drops more than 1 week. Habituation occurs more rapidly and to gala Olin more slowly – to the second-generation drugs. If you suspect the presence of dependence, make sure as soon as possible to contact the ENT doctor. In some cases you may need a local hormone therapy and even surgery, so it is a dangerous addiction is not joking!


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