Monday, December 11

Oh, Those Bad Diet!

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Not once surprising fact in pursuit of a good figure, many people neglect the most valuable, that they have – their health. And why? Because the visual effect of rapid Weight Loss as a result of diet questions literally visible immediately. Intoxicated by their self-confidence and a slim figure, these people do not think about the negative consequences for the organism. Only the year’s lack of adequate nutrition can make itself felt with various diseases. Nonsense? And here and there. People who voluntarily become victims of various diets, a lot. They silently suffer from gastritis, ulcers and stomach disorders, hepatitis and other gastrointestinal diseases, and the rest of their lives are doomed to carefully monitor their diet.

However, what is the way out? What do good-natured fatty who madly want lose weight through diet and are unable to apply alternative methods of weight loss including physical exercise? The answer is only one – to choose their own, personal diet, which provides full and balanced diet and to avoid hard Diets and hunger, which only harm their own health.

What kinds of diet are considered the most damaging to human health?

First of all – it complete starvation. Imagine how stressful going through the body, when, after a long and hearty meal, he loses all! Organism is known to work are necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When fasting the first thing the body uses, of course, fat, however, to maintain normal life is spent almost the entire stock of their own sources of energy – the body burns up all that is possible. Very often in such an intensive work the liver and kidneys can not cope with all internal “waste” and is poisoning the body due to unprocessed toxins. The most frightening for the person lack the protein, because it is not able to accumulate in the body and its filling is due to muscle tissue. The result is a flabby skin, wrinkles, progressing signs of anemia.

Very harmful for the body so-called Kremlin diet which involves the use of large amounts of protein and almost complete abandonment of carbohydrates. What would be praising the ode is not devoted to the effectiveness of such a diet, remember that a lack of carbohydrates (e.g. fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, sugar) and the saturation of the organism only fatty foods can lead to serious liver and kidney disease, thyroid and pancreas , to raise blood cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease, develop. Also very worried by the fact that such a diet has no contraindications and is intended only for healthy people. Why such caution? And the fact that the split protein is toxic, because allocates ammonia. Increased protein intake has no time to be processed by our body and can be expanded in the stomach, turning into poison. As a result, the liver and kidneys can not stand the load, and the body is poisoned, did not get enough vitamins.

Kefir diet Which have several varieties, have repeatedly proved their effectiveness and benefit to the body as ideally detoxify the body and, undoubtedly, have truly healing properties. However, such diet In spite of all its usefulness refers to mono-diet and, therefore, limits the use of other vital products. It is known to entail some negative consequences. In addition, such a restriction in the use of other products poorly tolerated on a psychological level, and deliberately slows weight loss. Such statements also apply to other mono-diet (Buckwheat, rice, chocolate, etc.).

places among “Bad” diets takes The Japanese diet, which is a very low-calorie and restricts the consumption of carbohydrates. This strict diet need to adhere strictly and only in this case comes less desirable weight loss. However, the low content of calories again did not allow maintaining a normal tone the entire body, and use against low-calorie food with a diet of black coffee (which in itself is surprising for a diet) will only increase the risk of heart disease and increase blood pressure. Consequently, such diet increased weakness of the whole organism, overloads the kidneys and heart.

Among bad diets was also so popular in recent years separate food. Strange but true. As is known, according to the rules Separate power for the digestion of proteins essential acidic environment of the stomach, and for carbohydrates alkaline, so they should always be taken separately. However, any psychologist will tell you about the arrangement between the stomach and small intestine duodenum, which begins the process of intestinal digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates together. Moreover, when nutrition division reduces the load on the enzymatic system that prolonged stagnation simply loses the ability to work productively. Thus, if a person has long fed separately, he could no longer return to normal eating.

The desire to have perfect form is slim and beautiful at times does not allow us to actually look at things, remove the rose-colored glasses and take a fresh look at the process of losing weight. Of course, I do not call to be plump, but just want to find the very happy medium between a thin waist and excellent health. After all, to be beautiful means to be healthy.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates – are the three pillars of a healthy diet that is prescribed to us by nature. Removing at least one component, you only destroy the harmony of nature and destroy their own health.


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