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Diet For Pregnant Women – is it Possible?

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Despite the huge number of diets, they all fall into two broad groups: medical diets and diets. The main purpose of therapeutic diets – help in the treatment of certain diseases and only, no aesthetic effect, they do not. Diets, by contrast, are designed to reduce a person’s weight, causing his body to the order, but none of the diets of this group does not guarantee complete security for your health.

Some isolated another group of diets – diet for pregnant women but this is not quite correct. A case in point is not about a diet per se, but about proper nutrition women who are “interesting” situation. Because any diet for pregnant women can lead to very unfortunate consequences, therefore, nurturing a child’s heart, the woman should first think about health and full development of a baby that does not compatible with different diets.

Of course, that the woman learned of her pregnancy, should reconsider their eating habits, and if he was proven wrong, then every effort should be to change it for the better. Otherwise, dire consequences will not take long to wait. So how do should be a balanced diet for pregnant women?

First, the diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals, one of the main are folic acid, calcium and iron. Folic acid is recommended to start taking another three months before pregnancy, because it serves as an effective tool for preventing birth defects, fetal development, the brain, spine, nervous system, etc.

Secondly, during pregnancy, it is desirable to consume more fluids and food should be as high-calorie, especially if a woman bears more than one child. Healthy diet for pregnant women – Is welcome to eat foods rich in not only minerals and vitamins, and carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Of course, you should not abuse them, but the diet must also be present in the required amount, which will ensure full development of the fetus.

Due to the fact that a pregnant woman to consume more calories, it is obvious that the weight of it will be added. On average, women during pregnancy are gaining from seven to nineteen pounds, depending on the physique women and especially her body. Thin women are gaining more pounds during pregnancy than complete.

During pregnancy, you must be extremely careful with drinking alcohol and drugs. Should limit caffeine to exclude non-pasteurized milk, hot dogs and similar foods, smoked and smoked meats and fish. And of course, that food should be fresh and high quality, so pay attention to the expiration date and storage products.


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