Thursday, December 14

Foreign Taxi Safety Tips in Jakarta

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Many crimes in the taxi. Sometimes, the culprit himself was a taxi driver or even vice versa. For those of you who frequently use taxi transport services, should consider these tips for safe and secure when take a taxi.

1. When about to hail a taxi, you try to stop in a crowded place

2. After the cab stopped, you should ask the taxi driver to open the trunk first. Check inside the trunk was the driver save anything suspicious or not.

3. before entering, note the number of doors on the cab door.

4. check the driver’s id card and match with his face. If not the same, you should ask down and choose another taxi.

5. remind the driver to lock the door and not speeding.

6. Suspect driver, when he stopped abruptly. Instead, you go down and find a safe place to stand.

7. Do not forget, prepare your mobile phone when suddenly something happens, to directly contact the police.

8. Note also metered taxi. If the meter running fast, you better go down and choose another taxi. Bad taxi drivers usually playing on the meter.

9. It is suggested, better take a taxi with a friend or someone close to you.

10. you should determine where the road your destination.

11. If not pressed, you should refrain for a cab to not ride at rush hour.


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