Tuesday, December 12

How to Maintain The Leather Furniture?

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Owning leather furniture today is still expensive, but in any case, it is not a luxury. But to use everyday leather furniture certainly creates a sense of luxury. So if you have got new leather furniture, or plan to buy such, you should take care of its look. You want it to look as beautiful in the day of purchase and after 10 years? Then you should read this article.

     First of all, the durability of leather furniture depends on the skill of the manufacturer and the technology used. Therefore it is worth to consider the initial investment. Most of the major manufacturers of leather furniture offer exceptionally good-quality products, but they are not the cheapest on the market. The low price that entices you initially may cause you many problems later. So the advice is to get a producer who has extensive experience in the industry and reputation in the market of leather furniture.

     The leather interior in your car can trick you on the quality and maintenance of the leather sofa or bed in your home. Most people agree that natural leather is the same everywhere. Therefore they consider that the preparations for cleaning of the leather seats in the car or the saddle of the horse do the same work as in the maintenance of furniture. Unfortunately this is not so. Most preparations for saddles, for example, have oily base and this can reflect badly on your couch: the use of such preparations leads to cracking and tearing of the seams. Dyes of the leather furniture can also be influenced and can be changed as a result of improper treatment.

     Maintenance of leather furniture in fact is not difficult and do not differ much from the care for furniture with traditional textile fabric. First of all, make sure that the skin is clear (do not scatter your belongings on it), provide regular cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and only once every three months use special preparation – protector for leather furniture. If you want you can use a damp cloth, but forget about the traditional cleaners, washing powder and soaps.

     If a spot of spilled liquids and foods appear – do not panic. There are many ways to overcome the problem. If the stain is liquid – do not delay; soak up the spilled substance with a dry cloth (as when you spill a liquid on the carpet). Let the leather dry. If the stain is visible after drying, then apply the right product for removing stains from the leather furniture. Do not worry if the spot does not disappear at once. You may have to try several times to wash it until it is completely gone. The most important thing is to be careful – do not spit liquids on the leather and do not put sharp objects on it.

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