Monday, December 18

The Mothers-In-Law: Here Comes The Bride, Again

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The Mothers-in-Law: Here Comes the Bride, Again is the first show of the second season for this comedy series that has Desi Arnaz as the executive producer.  The year brought about a major change, and it wasn’t a good one.

Because of poor ratings in year one, NBC was hesitant to renew the series, but it did so with a restricted budget that meant cast members didn’t get promised raises.  All but one of the regulars understood and agreed to the situation.

Roger C. Carmel, who was superb as Roger Buell, Kaye’s husband, felt like he deserved the raise and refused to continue without it.  As a result, he was fired and replaced by Richard Deacon, who had been outstanding on The Dick Van Dyke Show as Mel Cooley.

Unfortunately, while Deacon had some of Carmel’s approach to the character, the warmth wasn’t there.  It’s obvious even in this first show.  In past reviews, I’ve written about that romantic chemistry that was always beside the comedy, especially between Kaye and Roger.  That disappeared.  It’s all fun and games now with none of that tenderness.

As for the plot of the episode, it has Jerry and Suzie pretending not to be married so that a Buell relative from Italy can attend their wedding.  It’s a little overdone, but still good.


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