Tuesday, December 12

Mistakes Made by Men And Women

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What do men and women want this question has been going on for years but still can be complicated.

No matter what it seems  like  women have been a mystery to men forever, there is always the fight about  the other, trying to compromise.

It is not always the fault of the women in some cases men are at fault too but don’t get spoken for it.

Men and Women are totally different in thinking and that is what makes understanding each other so difficult.

The traits are there from generations so it kind of lacks communication in the process of a relationship. What has been practiced before will always be in there.

Men normally treat women as they want to be treated but the point is missed about the differences in both genders.

Are any of these mistakes made in your relationship?

Don’t listen to what you say, men don’t concentrate the way women do, so they tend to lack the skill of listeningListening for men is underestimated.

Talking is a way of connection for women, which somehow men fail to know, a man feels she is talking to tell him something, but it is about being together and sharing something special.

Men should help their wives around the house, failing to do this, women don’t find their husbands good enough, you got to work together.

Men and women do have compatible interests, however we don’t do it, a man should learn more about a woman’s needs before jumping into conclusions,  but the traits of men are naturally self-referential, when you assume other humans are the same as us. All he has to do is ask.

Misunderstanding, the silent treatment, normally men think they have done something wrong when they get a cold shoulder from their partners, it means she is hurt and  can’t speak.

When she is not talking at all it means the relationship is gone  from bad   to worse.

. Sometimes silence for men means a good sign but not really, it shows that your partner is making the exit, going to leave you.

If your partner is quiet ask what is wrong don’t ignore such situations.

Be compassionate make your partner feel safe and express real emotions.

 You have to speak, men will succeed with women if they communicate better.

For a woman a man must show closeness, reach out physically, emotionally and mentally.

Talk, touch and tuning in, men must make contact with a woman to be stimulated and intimate.

For  most women multi-tasking is normal a second nature, but men view this differently, if you talk to him and continue another activity he feels you are not listening to what he has to say.

 We don’t choose we are reacting to both acts.

You can get a man’s full attention by holding hands and talking touch her in some way and this will work perfectly.

DNA makes women and men see the world in a different way, that is how we operate

In ancient time man hunted and captured their prey, but women had to be around and observe every thing around them.

The hunter is has a different orientated life, so while the hunter is committed to something specific, the gatherer is open to possibilities.

It still exists in th time of today, a man suggest everything out that is not useful to his task, he may notice the paper on the floor but won’t do any thing about it., his focus is elsewhere., but our differences are of value and we got to learn of our weaknesses.

That age-old dynamic exists today: A man screens out everything irrelevant to his task. He may notice the overflowing trash can or the socks on the floor, but he won’t do anything about them if his focus is elsewhere.

Women should understand men’s behaviour before getting into a relationship, learn from each other.



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