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Bus Tour to Antalya

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You do not want to go to a mountain and you want to go to the sea. You want beaches and at the same time the coolness of the forest. You want a holiday abroad but not so far away. Well, all this wishes can become true if you agree to have a bus tour to Antalya. For sure you have heard about this wonderful place. Antalya is a city in Turkey, located on the beach and is an incredibly beautiful resort.

     You ask what Antalya is different with? There is beautiful, clean, blue sea. The beaches are really wonderful and comfortable. There are cool and green forests next to the beaches. The bus tour to Antalya is a dream that can easily come true. Its unique natural attractions of the city are due to the Toros Mountains, which descends to the sea and along with the shore form plains and hills. Except the surrounding nature, the places for rest are also beautiful and luxurious and the service is first-class. Most of the hotels in Antalya are surrounded by vegetation. In the new part of the town there are palms, numerous entertainment venues, great shopping centers and restaurants.

     The bus tour to Antalya is not only pleasant but also useful, especially if you spend some time sightseeing, which the city and its surroundings offer you. In the city you should visit the old part, where you can see preserved traditional buildings and can feel the historical past of the city. Another place you should not miss during the bus tour is the Archaeological Museum. Here the characters from mythology come alive and tell us stories of the past. The museum exhibits are numerous and are situated in several rooms, also in the garden. Amongst them, you can see ritual figures, architectural friezes, ceramics, mosaics and many historic artifacts. One of the most famous and beautiful mosaics is that of the goddess Thetis and her son Achilles.

     Remains of religious architecture can be found amongst the many mosques and minarets, which are also attractions. If you are not attracted by historical facts and buildings, you can enjoy the natural beauties of the city. You can visit the fall that is located about 4 km from the city.

     Another famous resort in Turkey is also Kemer which is located about 40 km from Antalya. There Toros also descends to the sea and forms gravel beaches, and its slopes are covered with pine forests. The resort offers many facilities for tourists.

     The Turkish Riviera is really attractive to visitors, not only because of its wonderful nature, but also for its great hotels and well-trained staff. Antalya and the nearby resorts only confirm this and invite you to go there and enjoy.

The word in Danish for cheap bus tours is Billige busture and if you click on the link you will be able to easily book one. The website is in Danish so if you don’t understand the language, use google translator. To see what the best attractions in Antalya are, simply follow this link.


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