Thursday, December 14

A Guide to Stop Smoking

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You have probably tried forever and and still not getting to quit. Smoking being the leading cause of  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects with heart disease and cancer too.

With the millions of smokers many are dying of theses illnesses.

Don’t be disappointed with your past attempt, if you have failed in quitting smoking in the past try to build on your knowledge an individual rarely succeeds at first, you usually stop smoking after seven to eight trials.

A decision like this is not made easily it is a bad habit but also like your best friend hard to give up.

Think about why you should quit, it costly you know.

What does it it cost you for a month?

Imagine how much you could save?

Smoking has effects on you when get much older that is if you see an older age, climbing stairs will become a problem, your chest will start wheezing, and not to forget emphysema.

Your lungs going black can you think what that will look like.

You must be a strong-willed person to give up smoking, clean out your house, get rid of all cigarette reminders, speak to your friends and family to help you in the process, make a day to quit.

Avoid what makes you want that cigarette, don’t be in situations, like going into bars once you have a drink of beer or any other alcohol it can trigger you to have a cigarette.

Try beat the craving, get real about weight gain, once you stop smoking you will have other side effects a sore throat, eating much more,  go for walks, jog and exercise daily to keep  fit.Be grateful, don’t hink of quitting as a denial to you, just remember your health is more important.

Avoid smoking scams, not many other techniques work like acupuncture and hypnosis.

You must know when to quit now or never.

Smoking for most people is a bad habit taken up from a young age and when you see other  do it you want to try it but somehow it wil stay with you.


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