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Alaska Earthquake Information Center

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Alaska is the largest state in the United States of America.  It is also the most seismically active state in the country.  Second largest earthquake in the world was recorded in this state in the year 1964 (9.2 in magnitude), killing 132 people.  

Alaska Earthquake Information Center, popularly known as AEIC, was established by Alaska statute in the year 1986.  The center collects, analyzes and archives seismic data.  AEIC is rendering great service to the general public, government and local agencies by providing information and assistance during earthquakes. 

Alaska Earthquake Information Center receives data from more than 400 seismic sites.  All these sites are equipped with real time data acquisition system, which enables AEIC to report any major earthquake’s location and size within half an hour.  This center reports around 22,000 earthquakes each year and is headed by a director.  

Alaska Earthquake Information Center website is a great source of information regarding seismology.  There is exhaustive information on the recent earthquakes in Alaska.  The center has published many papers regarding seismology, one such paper being “Seismic velocity models for the Denali fault zone along the Richardson Highway, Alaska”.  The center is conducting research on notable earthquakes in the state and their relation to ongoing tectonic processes.  AEIC works with many national and international organizations with expertise in the field of seismology.  AEIC’s website allows the general public to report if they would have experienced any earthquakes.  It also offers useful guidelines on earthquake preparedness.  

For more details regarding AEIC, you may go to their website http://www.aeic.alaska.edu.  Organizations like the AEIC should be funded liberally by the government.   


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