Friday, December 15

How To Use An Electric Jar Opener

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Do you have to bang your jars on the counter to get the lids off?  How about running the jars under hot water or banging it with a knife?  And then you hand the jar to your hubby and ask “can you get the lid off”?

Or do you have limited mobility or dexterity in your hands and wrists such as arthritis that limits your ability to get the jar lids off often making it painful to remove the jar lids?

Electric Jar Openers are not only extremely functional but have a sleek design that will fit your kitchen decor.  The Black and Decker Jar Opener collapses for easy storage if you decide you do not want to keep it on your counter.

Electric Jar Openers can open small jars such as baby food or jars lids up to 4 inches in diameter and 8 inches high.  Insert your jar and with the press of a button your jars lids are off.

No more banging or asking someone else to get your jar lids off.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves entertaining, holidays and kitchen gadgets that make life easier.  Visit her how’s to get more tips and tricks on making your holidays and entertaining stress free.


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