Friday, December 15

Are You a Person Always on The Go? Grab Samsung Galaxy Tab It’s For You!

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Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Oh, it’s so gorgeous!

These are the amazing functions you will discover:

  1. You can bring it wherever! With its compact 7-inch frame, you can slip it in your pocket or purse and conveniently use it on the move, whether you’re in the office, in a coffee shop, at the mall, in the gym, in a car – or just about anywhere.

  2. Its size makes it perfect for one-hand operation, whether for reading books and magazines, watching movies or playing games. Facebook and Twitter whenever.

  3. The Galaxy Tab allows you to keep tabs on your friends status updates. You can shout out what’s on your mind the moment it pops out of your head.

  4. The Galaxy Tab is powered by the Android 2.2 platform which makes it easy for you to personalize with downloadable apps that fit your personality and lifestyle.

  5. Have fun with the camera. In fact it has two cameras. The one in front is for video conferencing. The rear 3-megapixel camera meanwhile is for snapping images and taking videos which you can edit, upload and share, all in one device.

  6. You can e-mail your contacts using the integrated e-mail program.

  7. Exchange files with your peers or even your desktop computer – through your Galaxy Tab’s Bluetooth, drag and drop USB connectivity or through its SD card.

  8. Surely the Galaxy Tab brings you loads of fun but it can multitask too and help you become more productive, even while on the go. It can read and edit the most common files used in the workplace such as those created from MS Office applications. Make voice and video calls via its powerful speakerphone or supplied headset. Send and receive text and multimedia messages and skim through these in the convenient thread format.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is surely the ultimate all-in-one device of the moment


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