Monday, December 18

The Problem With Religion.

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Since the assertion over a century ago, by the father of communism, Karl Marx, that religion should be a pillar of public functions or a private affair.

Those who sow a seed of dissension in religion hold tenaciously to the assertion and adopt it as a faultless ideology, which others who believe that nothing can be successfully achieved without faith in the supreme creator of all things regard such assertion as a mere fallacy fabricated by an infidel. The former group claims that religion is as institution which is as old as the world but which should be obliterated or, at least restricted because it has adversely affected the development of the world.

The latter group argues that it is religion which has so far sustained the world because all laws, rules and regulation that govern the conduct of man anywhere under the sky emanated from religion, and without these laws, rules and regulations, the world would have gone into permanent oblivion. It is, therefore, the recommendation of this latter group that if the laws which regulate the public life of mankind are directly or indirectly from religion, then religion should continue to be the main pillar of the public life in any given society.

Many countries have witnessed several religious rises. Open—air preaching is a major factor. Some people see religion as a lucrative enterprise. This alone shows why people are ready to kill them-selves in the name of religion. People should practice religion honestly. They should not use religion for achieving political goals or material benefits. It is only in this way that they can prove their sincerity to God, their Creator.


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